Weekly Prediction Roundup (10/18/12)

October 18, 2012  |  Finance, Politics, Sports


New Calls (Taking Votes Now)

Michael Belkin (Finance)The U.S. economy is entering a recession
Michael Belkin (Finance)Dow Jones Index will fall 30% over the next 15 months
Larry Kudlow (Finance)Romney will win election by at least 52-48
Art Hogan (Finance)Dow Jones will rally 1000 points in the 3 days after the election
Mort Zuckerman (Politics)Romney will win the election
Eleanor Clift (Politics)Obama will win the election
John McLaughlin (Politics)Romney will win the election
Pat Buchanan (Politics)Romney will win Florida
Dick Morris (Politics)Romney will win the election in a landslide


Graded Calls

Colin Cowherd (Sports)NFL: Falcons (-9) cover against RaidersFALSE
Colin Cowherd (Sports)NFL: Lions (+3.5) cover against EaglesTRUE
Colin Cowherd (Sports)NFL: Bills (+4.5) cover against CardinalsTRUE
Colin Cowherd (Sports)NFL: Jets (-3) cover against ColtsTRUE
Colin Cowherd (Sports)NFL: Cowboys (+3.5) cover against RavensTRUE






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