Vote: Worst Political Prediction of 2012

December 5, 2012  |  Politics

We have narrowed down our list of the best & worst political predictions this year and would like your help in making the final call.

Here are our three final candidates for the Worst Political Prediction of 2012

(1) Conservative Pundits: Romney will win the election in a landslide

We decided that it was unfair to single out any one of these predictions, since they all met the threshold of being spectacularly off-target.

Larry KudlowRomney will get 330 electoral votes
Dick MorrisRomney will get 325 electoral votes
Glenn BeckRomney will get 321 electoral votes
George WillRomney will get 321 electoral votes
Michael BaroneRomney will get 315 electoral votes
Wayne Allyn RootRomney will win by 100-120 electoral votes

(2) Chris Matthews: Michele Bachmann will win the GOP nomination

Some have argued that Matthews was joking, but we don’t buy it. Decide for yourself.

(3) Dick Morris: Obama might pull out of the election

This prediction was too hedged to include on his profile page, but it was so outrageous — and outrageously wrong — that it justified a spot on this list.

<< As bad news piles up for the Democrats, I asked a top Democratic strategist if it were possible that President Obama might “pull a Lyndon Johnson” and soberly face the cameras, telling America that he has decided that the demands of partisan politics are interfering with his efforts to right our economy and that he has decided to withdraw to devote full time to our recovery. His answer: “Yes. It’s possible. If things continue as they are and have not turned around by January, it is certainly possible.”….. if the Republicans nominate a more moderate candidate such as Mitt Romney, Obama will not be able to rely on partisan animosity to succeed where job approval has failed. And, given all that, he might not even run. >> []

We will announce the “winner” in two weeks, at which time we will also reveal our awards for Best and Worst Pundit of 2012. Coming tomorrow: voting for the Best Political Prediction of 2012.


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  1. I voted for three aka “pull out.” It’s just so astronomically stupid that it couldn’t be topped. The first one is just lazy hubris. The second is too goofy to be real.

  2. I went with Morris and the pull out prediction. In a line up of crazy, he really stood out and delivered with passion. Electoral college predictions were a dime a dozen. You needed to distinguish yourself as Morris did to win superlatives this time.

  3. I’ve knew Morris, a long time ago. He was a great debater in high school able to speak convincingly on any side of a topic. He is still doing the same thing. But my vote still goes to choice three. It was so outrageous. However, I don’t think he believed any of it. He was just feeding the trolls that pay him what they wanted to hear.

  4. What about Karl Rove saying “Ohio can’t be called yet” after every network had called it. That’s a really, really terrible “prediction”, no?

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