Reviewing Gary Shilling’s Predictions for 2012

December 10, 2012  |  Finance

We started tracking Gary Shilling’s annual predictions in 2012 (click here for his PunditTracker profile page), grading those that meet our threshold for concreteness (not vague and/or subjective).

Let’s see how his calls are shaping up so far this year:

S&P 500 to 800 AND Earnings to $80 HighFALSES&P at 1400+, Earnings at $100+
China GDP growth of 5-6%HighFALSE7.7% YTD
Recession in US AND UK AND Eurozone Medium-HighTBDUS will be known in 2013
Emerging market bonds fallMedium-HighFALSEUp double digit %
30-Year Treasury rates fall to 2.5% AND 10-Year to 1.5% Medium-HighTRUEBoth targets were hit in July
DJ US Select Home Construction Index fallsMediumFALSE+67%
DJ US Select Financial Sector Index AND Regional Bank IndexMediumFALSE+22% and +14%, respectively
MSCI EM Stock Index fallsMediumFALSE+13%
CRB broad commodity index fallsMediumTBD+4%
S&P Consumer Staples outperformsMediumTBD+11% vs +13% for S&P
Dollar appreciates against EuroMediumTBDVirtually Flat
AMEX Computer Technology Index risesMedium-LowTRUE+9%
Dow Jones US Select Oil and Exploration Index risesMedium-LowTBD+2.5%
Dow Jones Select Health Care Providers Index risesMedium-LowTRUE+15%

Several of Shilling’s predictions will go down to the wire. His contrarian stance on US Treasuries paid off once again but was offset by some predictions that were way off-target, including his bearish takes on both the financial sector and emerging markets. Shilling’s prediction that the home construction index would fall — it is up 67% year-to-date — will go down as one of the worst of the year.

Final Tally: 3 correct, 6 incorrect, 5 undecided; $0.69 yield.

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