NFL Rankings (Week 12)

November 29, 2012  |  Sports

Here is how the NFL pundits from ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS Sports did with their Week 12 predictions. Mike Freeman of CBS posted the best performance, getting 13 of the 16 games correct — including upsets such as the Dolphins and Jaguars — resulting in a $1.45 yield. As a reminder, the yield measures the average payout, using Vegas odds, had you placed $1 bets on each of the pundit’s selections.

Mike Silver (Yahoo) and Seth Wickersham (ESPN) are turning in excellent seasons once again, while Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Allen of ESPN continue to struggle.

PunditWeek 12
# Correct
Week 12
$1 Yield
% correct
$1 Yield
Pundit Average10$1.0864%$1.03
Mike Freeman (CBS)13$1.4566%$1.08
Tom Jackson (ESPN)12$1.3461%$0.97
Mike Silver12$1.3269%$1.13
Merril Hoge (ESPN)11$1.2865%$1.06
Will Brinson (CBS)11$1.2465%$1.10
Seth Wickersham (ESPN)11$1.2072%$1.20
Pete Prisco (CBS)11$1.1965%$1.05
Adam Schefter (ESPN)11$1.1763%$0.98
Ron Jaworski (ESPN)11$1.1766%$1.03
Cris Carter (ESPN)11$1.1465%$1.01
Les Carpenter (Yahoo)10$1.1260%$0.96
Chris Mortensen (ESPN)10$1.1170%$1.18
Vegas Favorites11$1.1064%$0.96
Josh Katzowitz (CBS)10$1.0967%$1.09
Mike Ditka (ESPN)10$1.0461%$1.00
Prediction Machine (CBS)10$1.0163%$0.97
Mark Schlereth (ESPN)9$0.9764%$1.01
Mike Golic (ESPN)9$0.9764%$1.03
Jason Cole (Yahoo)9$0.9768%$1.09
Dave Richard (CBS)9$0.9662%$0.97
Ryan Wilson (CBS)9$0.9660%$0.96
Accuscore (ESPN)9$0.9464%$0.99
Eric Allen (ESPN)9$0.9359%$0.91
Keyshawn Johnson (ESPN)9$0.8759%$0.93
Jason La Canfora (CBS)8$0.8463%$1.02
Clark Judge (CBS)8$0.7966%$1.04

Will the Dolphins upset the Patriots in Week 13, as Mike Silver is predicting? Make your voice heard through the PunditTracker Challenge, which gives you the opportunity to compete against the “experts”. Learn more about how it works as well as the prizes here, or just head straight to our Sports Page to make your Week 13 picks (by clicking on the “VOTE NOW” buttons).

Predict well and you could eventually appear in these rankings!




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