NFL Pundits: 2011 & 2012 Rankings

November 16, 2012  |  Sports

Now that we are ten weeks into the NFL season, we figured it would be a good time to take a look at how the pundits are faring. We have compiled all the weekly picks made by the ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS Sports analysts.

Here is how they rank based on our $1 Yield metric, which calibrates predictions for boldness by measuring the average payout (using Vegas odds) had you placed $1 bets on each of the pundit’s selections. (Note: We grade the CBS group based on their straight-up picks, not those against the spread).

2012 Season

PunditHit Rate$1 Yield
Seth Wickersham (ESPN)71%$1.19
Chris Mortensen (ESPN)70%$1.18
Mike Silver (Yahoo)67%$1.11
Jason Cole (Yahoo)66%$1.08
Josh Katzowitz (CBS)66%$1.07
Will Brinson (CBS)62%$1.05
Pete Prisco (CBS)64%$1.04
Clark Judge (CBS)65%$1.03
Mike Freeman (CBS)63%$1.03
Merril Hoge (ESPN)63%$1.02
Jason La Canfora (CBS)62%$1.01
Mike Golic (ESPN)62%$1.01
Ron Jaworski (ESPN)63%$0.99
Mark Schlereth (ESPN)62%$0.98
Mike Ditka (ESPN)60%$0.98
Cris Carter (ESPN)62%$0.97
Prediction Machine (CBS)62%$0.95
Adam Schefter (ESPN)61%$0.95
Ryan Wilson (CBS)60%$0.95
Keyshawn Johnson (ESPN)59%$0.94
Accuscore (ESPN)62%$0.94
Dave Richard (CBS)60%$0.94
Les Carpenter (Yahoo)57%$0.91
Tom Jackson (ESPN)58%$0.90
Eric Allen (ESPN)57%$0.89

As a group, the pundits have been decidedly average this year, generating a collective yield of $1.00. Seth Wickersham of ESPN ($1.19) has turned in the best performance so far; his best picks include Redskins over the Saints in Week 1 and the Colts over the Packers in Week 5. Chris Mortensen ($1.18) has also been a standout, while his ESPN colleagues Tom Jackson ($0.90) and Eric Allen ($0.89) have struggled. This has been a year of the underdog, as betting exclusively on the favorites would have netted just a $0.91 yield.

We are pleased to announce that we have now added 15 of these NFL pundits to, namely those who also made predictions in 2011. Wickersham and Mike Silver (Yahoo) top the cumulative rankings:

2011 and 2012 Seasons ($1 Yield)

Seth Wickersham (ESPN)$1.04$1.19$1.10
Mike Silver (Yahoo)$1.08$1.11$1.09
Mike Freeman (CBS)$1.05$1.03$1.04
Chris Mortensen (ESPN)$0.95$1.18$1.03
Clark Judge (CBS)$1.01$1.03$1.02
Les Carpenter (Yahoo)$1.06$0.91$1.01
Jason Cole (Yahoo)$0.96$1.08$1.00
Mark Schlereth (ESPN)$0.99$0.98$0.99
Merril Hoge (ESPN)$0.98$1.02$0.99
Pete Prisco (CBS)$0.96$1.04$0.99
Will Brinson (CBS)$0.96$1.05$0.99
Dave Richard (CBS)$1.00$0.94$0.98
Mike Golic (ESPN)$0.96$1.01$0.98
Ron Jaworski (ESPN)$0.97$0.99$0.98
Eric Allen (ESPN)$0.99$0.89$0.96
Adam Schefter (ESPN)$0.94$0.95$0.95


Think you can predict better than these NFL pundits? Here’s your chance: the PunditTracker Challenge gives you the opportunity to compete against the experts. Learn more here, or head straight to to make your picks for this week’s games. Predict well and you could appear in these rankings next time!





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