MLB Pundits: 2012 Performance, Updated Rankings

November 1, 2012  |  Sports

We previously discussed how the baseball pundits whiffed on the World Series, but that was just a taste of their anemic performance in 2012. Their collective $1 Yield for the season was a meager 67 cents, and only 12 of the 58 pundits generated a positive payout.  Recall that the $1 Yield measures the average payout (using Vegas odds) had you placed $1 bets on each of the pundit’s selections.

Here is how the pundits fared on an individual basis (across nine categories: six Division Winners, two Pennants, and World Series).

Pundit$1 Yield
Adam Rubin, ESPN $1.84
Tom Verducci, SI$1.73
Stephen Cannella, SI $1.73
Enrique Rojas, ESPN$1.73
Peter Pascarelli, ESPN $1.34
Kevin Goldstein, ESPN$1.34
Jim Caple, ESPN$1.26
Albert Chen, SI$1.26
Jorge Arangure Jr., ESPN$1.06
John Kruk, ESPN$1.06
Jayson Stark, ESPN$1.06
Tony Jackson, ESPN$1.06
Stephania Bell, ESPN $0.97
Ted Keith, SI $0.90
Carolina Guillen, ESPN $0.90
AJ Mass, ESPN$0.78
Colin Cowherd, ESPN$0.77
Tristan Cockcroft, ESPN$0.71
Mark Simon, ESPN$0.62
David Schoenfield, ESPN$0.62
Dave Cameron, ESPN$0.62
Ben Reiter, SI $0.62
Richard Durrett, ESPN$0.61
Pedro Gomez, ESPN$0.61
Marty Bernoski, ESPN$0.61
Keith Law, ESPN$0.61
Joe Lemire, SI $0.61
Jason Churchill, ESPN$0.61
Dan Szymborski, ESPN$0.61
Barry Larkin, ESPN$0.61
Andrew Marchand, ESPN$0.61
Amanda Rykoff, ESPN$0.61
Aaron Boone, ESPN$0.61
Matthew Berry, ESPN$0.43
Eric Karabell, ESPN$0.43
Steve Berthiaume, ESPN$0.42
David Kull, ESPN$0.42
Terry Francona, ESPN$0.33
Rick Sutcliffe, ESPN$0.33
Matt Szefc, ESPN$0.33
Mark Saxon, ESPN $0.33
Mark Mulder, ESPN$0.33
Karl Ravech, ESPN$0.33
Jonah Keri, ESPN$0.33
Jon Sciambi, ESPN$0.33
Jim Bowden, ESPN$0.33
Jerry Crasnick, ESPN$0.33
Javier Maymi, ESPN$0.33
Doug Padilla, ESPN$0.33
Doug Glanville, ESPN$0.33
Dan Shulman, ESPN$0.33
Curt Schilling, ESPN$0.33
Cliff Corcoran, SI $0.33
Christina Kahrl, ESPN$0.33
Orel Hershiser, ESPN$0.14
Mel Antonen, SI $0.14
Matt Meyers, ESPN$0.14
Buster Olney, ESPN$0.14


Here are our updated cumulative rankings for the pundits who made predictions in each of the 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 seasons. As we require three years worth of MLB preseason predictions for eligibility, we will soon be adding the eleven pundits who started making formal predictions in 2010.

Jim Caple, ESPN$0.56$4.43$0.15$1.26$1.60
Peter Pascarelli, ESPN$1.89$0.55$0.61$1.34$1.10
Jayson Stark, ESPN$2.01$0.45$0.76$1.06$1.07
Pedro Gomez, ESPN$1.35$1.34$0.15$0.61$0.86
Tom Verducci, SI$1.04$0.45$0.15$1.73$0.84
Ted Keith, SI$1.22$0.82$0.42$0.90$0.84
Albert Chen, SI$0.00$1.39$0.58$1.26$0.81
Joe Lemire, SI$1.62$0.45$0.42$0.61$0.78
Buster Olney, ESPN$2.01$0.45$0.27$0.14$0.72
Ben Reiter, SI$0.82$0.78$0.51$0.62$0.68
Eric Karabell, ESPN$1.51$0.17$0.15$0.43$0.57
Keith Law, ESPN$0.27$0.78$0.42$0.61$0.52
Orel Hershiser, ESPN$0.82$0.17$0.42$0.14$0.39
Jerry Crasnick, ESPN$0.82$0.17$0.15$0.33$0.37


In our next post, we will discuss potential reasons why the MLB pundits have struggled so mightily in recent years, despite the frequent discussion about payroll disparity in the sport.


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