March Madness Brackets: Final Rankings

April 8, 2012  |  Sports

Here are our final 2012 March Madness bracket rankings, updated using the Final Four and National Champion futures odds. Since we did not have futures odds for the Elite 8 or the Championship game, those two rounds are not included in our calculations.

Peter Tiernan of CBS narrowly edged out Jay Bilas and President Obama in the $1 Bet Yield rankings, while Bilas kept his lead in the Hit Rate rankings. While none of the pundits picked Louisville to make the Final Four, three of them (Rob Dauster, Jerry Palm, and Brad Evans) had the other three teams correct. 24 of the 26 pundits had Kentucky winning it all.

$1 Bet Yield

Peter Tiernan, CBS           $1.23
Jay Bilas, ESPN           $1.22
Barack Obama           $1.22
Rob Dauster, SI           $1.21
Nick Lachey           $1.20
Jeff Goodman, CBS           $1.20
Jeff Borzello, CBS           $1.08
Jerry Palm, CBS           $1.03
Colin Cowherd, ESPN           $1.02
Matt Norlander, CBS           $1.01
Luke Winn, SI           $0.99
Andy Staples, SI           $0.96
Joe Lunardi, ESPN           $0.95
Gary Parrish, CBS           $0.93
Greg Doyel, CBS           $0.92
Dan Wetzel, Yahoo           $0.91
Pat Forde, Yahoo           $0.90
Dennis Dodd, CBS           $0.87
Andy Katz, ESPN           $0.87
Brad Evans, Yahoo           $0.87
Dick Vitale, ESPN           $0.86
Stewart Mandel, SI           $0.86
Andy Glockner, SI           $0.86
Seth Davis, SI           $0.85
LeBron James           $0.81
Mike Huguenin, Yahoo           $0.80


Hit Rate

Jay Bilas, ESPN           73.6%
Barack Obama           71.7%
Peter Tiernan, CBS           69.8%
Nick Lachey           69.8%
Rob Dauster, SI           67.9%
Jeff Goodman, CBS           67.9%
Colin Cowherd, ESPN           64.2%
Jeff Borzello, CBS           62.3%
Jerry Palm, CBS           62.3%
Dan Wetzel, Yahoo           62.3%
Luke Winn, SI           60.4%
Andy Staples, SI           60.4%
Joe Lunardi, ESPN           60.4%
Gary Parrish, CBS           60.4%
Matt Norlander, CBS           58.5%
Dick Vitale, ESPN           58.5%
Andy Katz, ESPN           56.6%
Stewart Mandel, SI           56.6%
Andy Glockner, SI           56.6%
Greg Doyel, CBS           54.7%
Pat Forde, Yahoo           54.7%
Dennis Dodd, CBS           54.7%
Brad Evans, Yahoo           54.7%
Seth Davis, SI           54.7%
LeBron James           52.8%
Mike Huguenin, Yahoo           52.8%





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