Introducing: Groundhog Gary, Coin-Flip Chloe, and RNG Roger

February 6, 2013  |  Entertainment, Finance, Politics, Sports

Brill’s Content, an old media-watchdog magazine, used to track the predictions of political pundits such as George Will and Eleanor Clift. The magazine incorporated an interesting twist: it compared the accuracy of these professional pundits with that of Chippy, a chimpanzee who chose random ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Chippy did quite well, hitting on more than half of his “predictions” and beating out several of the experts.

Inspired by Chippy, today we are introducing three new pundits on PunditTracker: Groundhog Gary, Coin-Flip Chloe, and RNG Roger. These fictitious pundits will make one random prediction each week: Gary in Finance, Chloe in Politics, and Roger in Sports. Each Monday, we will take one popular topic in each category and then literally flip a coin to pick which side the pundit takes.

Not only will this feature allow us to compare the ‘experts’ with a random number generator, but it will also supply a steady stream of predictions for you to vote on.

Gary, Chloe, and Roger have alluredy made their predictions this week – click on their profile pages to make yours:

Update (6/3/13): We have added Prognosticating Phil to our new Entertainment category.





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