Grading Paul Begala’s Predictions for 2012

December 17, 2012  |  Politics

We started tracking Paul Begala in late 2011. Begala’s prediction list for 2012 — as published on The Daily Beast — was very bold and is shaping up to be very wrong.

Herman Cain gets contract with Fox News while both Santorum and Gingrich do notHighFALSE
A third-party candidate will get more than 7% of the popular vote for presidentHighFALSE
John Boehner will be toppled from his post as speaker before the 2012 elections.Medium-HighFALSE
Democrats will re-take the House AND hold the Senate AND Obama will be reelectedHighFALSE
George W. Bush will not give a prime-time speech at GOP convention AND Dick Cheney willHighFALSE

Final Tally: 0 for 5, $0.00 Yield

For a full breakdown of Begala’s predictions, click here for his PunditTracker profile page.


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