Grading Michelle Goldberg’s Predictions for 2012

December 17, 2012  |  Politics

We started tracking Michelle Goldberg of The Daily Beast in 2012, when she made her prediction list for 2012. Let’s take a look at how Goldberg’s calls are shaping up. Goldberg had a 50% hit rate, but the calls she got right were not very bold, resulting in a subpar yield.

Ron Paul will win the Iowa caucusesMediumFALSE
Mitt Romney will win the Republican nominationMedium-LowTRUE
Obama will win the electionMediumTRUE
Elizabeth Warren will be the new senator in MassachusettsLowTRUE
The Syrian regime will fall in 2012MediumUNLIKELY
Herman Cain will get a contract with Fox in 2012MediumUNLIKELY

Likely Tally: 3 for 6, $0.75 Yield

For a full breakdown of Goldberg’s predictions, click here for her PunditTracker profile page.


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