Grading Michael Tomasky’s Predictions for 2012

December 17, 2012  |  Politics

We started tracking Michael Tomasky of The Daily Beast in 2012, when he made his prediction list for 2012. His prediction of an Obama Win/Democratic Senate Win/Republican House Win earned a spot on our Top Political Predictions of 2012 (voting ends tomorrow!). Let’s now look at how the rest of his calls are shaping up:

Romney will win the GOP nominationMedium-LowTRUE
Bashar al-Assad will fall in 2012MediumUNLIKELY
Fidel Castro won't die in 2012LowUNLIKELY
Romney selects Susana Martinez as VP AND Obama still wins NM by 6 pointsHighFALSE
Obama wins reelection AND Democrats hold Senate AND Republicans hold HouseMedium-HighTRUE
Supreme Court upholds indiv. mandate by 5-4 vote AND Kennedy and Scalia both vote for itHighFALSE

Likely Tally: 3 for 6, $1.19 Yield

For a full breakdown of Tomasky’s predictions, click here for his PunditTracker profile page.


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