Best & Worst Election Predictions

November 8, 2012  |  Politics

This is the second of a five-part election recap series.

Michael TomaskyObama wins & Democrats Senate & Republicans House
Jim CramerSenate Results: 53(D), 45(R), 2(I)
Eleanor CliftObama gets more than 300 votes

Comments: Tomasky’s call was made in December 2011, when the odds of that trifecta were much lower.



Larry KudlowRomney will get 330 electoral votes
Dick MorrisRomney will get 325 electoral votes
Glenn BeckRomney will get 321 electoral votes
George WillRomney will get 321 electoral votes
Michael BaroneRomney will get 315 electoral votes
Jim CramerObama will get 440 electoral votes
Wayne Allyn RootRomney will win by 100-120 electoral votes
Dick MorrisRomney will win by 4-8 percentage points
Dick MorrisSenate: 53(R)-47(D)
Dick MorrisRomney will win Pennsylvania
Paul BegalaA third-party candidate will get more than 7% of the popular vote for president
John HeilemannElection will not be declared on November 7. Florida-style recount(s) will occur.
Newt GingrichRepublicans will win Senate
Howard FinemanRepublicans will pick up at least 8 Senate seats

Not one of the pundits we tracked would have correctly predicted the electoral vote outcome.


Let’s open it up for discussion. Which of the above was the worst election prediction? (And how did Jim Cramer get the Senate call right when predicting 440 electoral votes for Obama!?)


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